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Honeycomb Enterprises

Planters and bird tables in the Honeycomb workshop

The Honeycomb Project is a "not for profit" project at our Leek Campus that helps students with behaviour/learning difficulties to achieve independence

The Honeycomb Project makes garden furniture, planters and nesting boxes and the students gain qualifications along side this work. The project is part of the Foundation Level within the college and ranges from Pre-Entry, Entry Level 1 to Entry level 3. The student’s ages range from 14-19 year olds on school link courses, 16-21 year olds from the colleges and 21-50 plus year olds from care in the community organisations. The students also take part in Horticulture. They help to grow and plant our planters, wheel barrows and other seasonal gifts.

With your support and by buying our goods, this means that the students then have to produce more stock to fulfil orders and future events. These repeated sales and classes help the students to gain their wood work skills, boost confidence levels, and help them to become more independent in life.

In the next two years, building work on the Leek Campus will provide additional premises for The Honeycomb Enterprises, mean while the enterprise has been moved to Station St. Industrial Estate in Leek.

You can see our goods at our site in Station Street by appointment or at the Buxton Pavilion Saturday Bazaars.


Unit 8/9 Station Street
ST13 8BF

01538 386311 or 01538 322121


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