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Enrichment @ BLC - your College story

College isn’t just about your course

Imagine if your time at college was made into a film, or written about in a book. Would it be interesting to watch? Would you race to finish the next chapter or the page?

What is  your college story?

How does it begin, or end? Did you meet new people? Did you try something that scared you or challenged you? Did you do something that changed your life? Or even changed somebody else’s life? What did you achieve outside of the classroom? What did you do that was amazing or fun or exciting? What will you remember? 

What will your story say? 

Enrichment @ BLC is all about YOU. Making your time at college the best it can be. Your enrichment coordinators are here to bring your college story to life. We are here to make your ideas happen.

What will your story say?

Enrichment @ BLC:

  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Community Projects
  • Business & Enterprise
  • Skills
  • Student Union Clubs 

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