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Why I Love Buxton & Leek College…by Connor Bonsall

At Buxton & Leek College there are soooo many opportunities for us students. The college provides both Buxton and Leek Campus students privileges to head out on many exciting trips. In my Media course last year, we spent days out in Manchester and Chesterfield learning and visiting places such as the Countdown Studio where were got to watch the live semi-final, and even meet Rachel Riley! It’s crazy for a Media course, right? furthermore, this year the college has set up its very own trip to New York to allow students to venture out of Buxton into a whole different country!

The support here is great. IOn the off chance where I was seeking support the staff member’s here in Buxton they were quick and responsive to help get me through the stages which perhaps at time were quite hard and stressful. To reinforce this statement, I’ve seen many members of the Buxton team helping students out around the campus in order to ensure everyone is just as happy as I usually am!

Because the support teams here are so great it’s not a surprise to hear that we also have brilliant courses available to ALL students as well as wonderful tutors who are kind, supportive and determined in helping you get the best grade possible here at college. Our tutors are that cool, they were the ones who helped organise all the cool trips we had last year!

Because Buxton & Leek College is affiliated and owned by the University of Derby. This allows our students to be able to get a closer more mature approach on what university life is all about. The university is a big part in helping our college, which means we get extra services and opportunities that most colleges lack or may not even have.

One of the main and most important factors about college is the ability to bring students together from all different backgrounds and schools. The ability to meet tons of new people, and share many great memories and moments with these people. Because the college here is split between campuses,  this means the typically each campus is halved in size making it easy to get to know and meet everyone. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t see the same familiar, smiling faces!

My plans from here are to move out of England and possibly up to Scotland to study at one of its many great universities. If not, I would love to head up and do an Advanced Level 4 apprenticeship or possibly move onto a full-time job. All is unclear at the moment but the college is working hard to help find each and every student the best possible route for the future. I wouldn’t have wanted to move away if it weren’t for the amazing change of scenery here in Buxton, being so close to the Peak District means there are so many adventures and explores within such a wonderful area.

On the whole, college life here at Buxton & Leek College has most certainly boosted my confidence and overall life ambitions as it is a great place to be. The EVOLVE tutorials and tracking and monitoring really do set you up for the best possible future plans, not to mention they give you the much-needed college study time required by the law.

I’ve learnt to accept things for what and how they are, overall this is one of the most important life lessons I’ve learnt, all thanks to college. I LOVE MY COLLEGE! <3