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the benefits of a Trainee?

Traineeships have been designed to prepare and provide young people with the skills, knowledge, and experience that employers expect in the workplace. They can bring many benefits to employers, such as:

  • Providing a bespoke training programme within your company that addresses the specific needs of both the business and the trainee, which can lead to a home-grown, loyal, and talented workforce
  • Targeting enthusiastic young people with the willingness to work before they get on the job ladder, who have the essential skills needed to work
  • Traineeships can form part of a business’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • If you decide to offer a Trainee an Apprenticeship you could be eligible for an Apprenticeship Grant for Employers of £1500 (see

What will my business need to provide?

Employers will need to commit to a high quality placement that will last at least six weeks, giving the Trainee real world experience and allowing them to develop new skills and behaviours. It is also advisable to provide the Trainee with a mentor for the duration of their Traineeship, who will give regular and constructive feedback, coaching, and training. You will also need to provide any Health & Safety equipment required. The content of the work placement and the Trainee’s objectives must be pre-agreed between you, the College, and the trainee. Employers are not required to pay young people taking part in Traineeships but are encouraged to support trainees with expenses such as transport and meals.

How will my business work with BLC to provide a Traineeship?

We will provide employability training and Tutors will assess the Trainee in the workplace. We are here to support the Trainee and the employer through the whole process.

What happens at the end of the Traineeship?

Ultimately the Traineeship is designed to progress to either an Apprenticeship or role with the employer, however, we appreciate not all business are able to offer this but a completion interview and reference is expected.

How can I find out more?

There is lots more useful information about Traineeships that can be found at To find out about hiring a Trainee, please call 0800 074 0099 and select the option for employers (option 3) –  you will go through to our dedicated Apprenticeship and Traineeship team.

Alternatively if you would like more information or have any questions about Traineeships, or if you would like to apply, please call our team on 0800 074 0099 or email

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