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We now offer FREE bus travel on many Buxton & Leek College bus routes for our students.

Check which Buxton & Leek College bus routes are covered below. Those eligible for a bus pass are predominantly students taking a full time course/ apprenticeship, but please check at enrolment whether you can apply for and receive a free bus pass.

Buxton & Leek College bus passes can be used term-time, Monday to Friday from 1st September 2020 to 25th June 2021 only for free travel to our Buxton and Leek campuses on selected routes. Please note that the free bus pass is not valid on most public routes other than the 199 and 58 whereby you can apply for a pass for those selected routes. For information about public bus travel in Staffordshire please visit the Staffordshire County Council website

If you have any questions about this bus service or travel into College, please contact if studying at Buxton or 01298 330330 if studying at Leek.

Transport updates

UPDATE – JANUARY 2021: Following the announcement of a remote learning week on 30th December for the first week of January, there will be no college buses running w/c 4th January 2021. We are currently planning to resume college buses on the 8th January for those who have examinations. Please continue to check here for latest updates.

Buxton & Leek College will still be providing transport on the designated bus routes for 2020/21. The college is working with our local bus companies to ensure that appropriate risk assessments are in place and we are complying with the latest government guidance for schools and colleges on COVID 19.

Applying For Transport:

We are now asking that students wishing to use the college bus services apply for transport through the enrolment process, so that we can determine who will need a place on a bus to get to college.

You will then be notified through a text message and an email to confirm that we have received your application.  You will be able to access the bus service without a pass for the first two weeks and we will issue your bus pass during induction.

Please note that is you travel on the 199/58 bus route we will shortly be sending an email that you can use as proof of your free travel entitlement until you have your bus pass.


The college has a duty of care to ensure that all students and staff are kept safe when using the college buses and therefore we have introduced new safety measures-

  • Do not attempt to travel if you are exhibiting any of the Covid-19 symptoms
  • Please ensure that you arrive ten minutes before the bus is due and wait safely at the bus stop
  • Allow any passengers needing to get off the bus safely before getting on the bus and keep at a safe distance as much as possible
  • Remain seated in the designated areas and maintain as much distance as possible from the other passengers
  • All students and staff must wear face coverings at all times on the designated college bus routes
  • Only get on and off the bus at designated bus stops

In addition, all students must comply with the Behaviour Codes and any breaches may be dealt with through the College Disciplinary Procedure.


Free Bus pass routes

Timetables are available here for each of the Buxton Unibus and Minibus routes:

Timetables are available here for the Leek Unibus Route and information about the Leek Minibus:

  •  Leek to Buxton (Leek, Buxton)
  • Cheadle to Leek Timetable (Blythe Bridge, Cheadle, Leek)
  •  ASH – LEEK (Ashbourne, Waterhouses, Bottomhouse) – Students must book a seat for the year – Call 01298 330330

Timetables are available here for the following routes:

  • (Stockport 199 and Macclesfield 58 only)

These routes can be used free by applying for a bus pass for your journey to and from college.

Daytime and inter-site buses (free term time services for staff and students)

If you are travelling from Youlgrave please email

Snow and ice

In severe weather conditions we will try our best to maintain services. However, in some conditions, side roads and back roads become too difficult to negotiate and we’ll operate a service with a reduced number of stops. If you’re in doubt, you can find out by checking the weather page or calling the Snowline on 01332 597669.

Contact Us

Student Centre:  email or tel: 01298 330644 (for students travelling to Buxton Campus)

For those travelling to Leek Campus tel: 01298 330330

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