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Why I love Buxton & Leek College by…Elinor Edwards

Buxton & Leek College offers so much to students that I am happy I made the choice to do my Further Education course here. I enjoy coming into college because of many reasons such as coming in to see my friends as well my courses activities.

The lessons in this college I find very interesting. I enjoy my course and the teachers are friendly. The teachers treat us like adults and with respect which keeps the college environment relaxing. The teachers here treat all the students fairly which is very important. At times in lessons, we are allowed to listen to music if we get on with our work. Not only does this help me concentrate but it also motivates me to get the work done in a relaxing atmosphere.

I also really love that we have so much support in college, there are plenty of people we can talk to if we are dealing with any problems, such as our tutors and progress coach. College also makes a space available for students to use such as the Boiler House where we can just hang out during free time and the Oasis space. At my old school I didn’t really have anywhere to go during break other than outside or the library so having those places available is very nice. In school I wasn’t allowed to stay in the halls or anywhere during break except the library or I would end up getting told off to go outside but in college I am able to stay indoors anywhere I like. This is another reason why I am really happy with this college because it isn’t fun being outdoors when it is really cold during winter.

One of the things I really like about college is the freedom it gives me. We are allowed to leave the college grounds when we are not in lesson. This allows us to have more fun during break times and in general have a more enjoyable experience in college. I like being able to go out into the town with my friends during break and it is especially useful if we need to buy equipment from the shops.

Another thing that I love about this college is that we don’t have to wear a uniform which allows us to express ourselves more. This is very important to me because I want to be comfortable in my own clothing and be myself. I think that being able to wear our own clothes keeps us more comfortable and so concentrate better in lessons. Being able to wear our own clothes and to dye our hair in whatever colour we please makes the college environment far better and a more enjoyable and comfortable place to learn.

Overall, I am glad that I picked this college to study at and I have made lots of new friends and lots of fun experiences while being here.