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Why I Love Buxton & Leek College…by Lucy Stutz

I love my college for many reasons. It grants freedom that school could never give us. From what I remember from my school years; my school focused more on student appearance and the school success rates. In comparison, college focuses on more important things like how they can help and support us and how we can develop as successful individuals.

College gives us so many more opportunities such as we meet new people who could turn out to be lifelong friends and I have defiantly found some good friends by coming to college. Going to College and being a student has its benefits, such as discounts for almost anything – which is a bonus form not paying the full price for things like, transport, cinema, stationary and even discount on food!

I love college because of the courses that are available for everyone.  The equipment now that is an available to me now is amazing, and helps with the work that I am assigned. The library is much bigger than the one at my school, the equipment in the library that is available there is so much better too. There are enough computers for classes and for people with free study periods. The atmosphere at college is so much more relaxed and you are treated like and adult instead of just another student. You feel more grown up when you leave school and go to college.  College is also good for the work experience that is available for the students. When I was at school and I had to do work experience I didn’t really get a choice in where I wanted to go, they gave me a job to do and it wasn’t what I wanted to do. But when I got into college, they gave me an experience that was based around the course that I am doing.

College is also really good as there always seems to be an activity on in the dome for example the stand for the Union of Students are always out, they always make sure that there is something for the students to partake in for college and make the students more involved. College also have many places for the student to hang around in to relax and study in, such as the Boiler House which is always open and this is the same for the cafes. College also have people to talk to if they need someone and listen. They are is always someone to talk to.

I love college as it makes people grow from the student that leave school. It makes people mature and grow up. Since I left school, I have not seen one bit of bullying at all. I have also realised that you are treated more like adult than a student. You become more of an equal with the tutors than just another student they need to teach. College is better than school in lots of ways and I am really glad that I came to college and not stay behind in sixth form.