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Why I love Buxton & Leek College…by Toby Cooper

There are many courses available at the college which means you will find something you’re interested in. I personally like Creative Media and that there is a course for me. The courses offer plenty and exceeded my expectations. They also offer extra support for those who need it, like myself who sometimes struggles with assignments. There are also a trips through the year which is great to get out of the classroom and learn more. For instance, there was the Countdown trip which showed us what a real TV set looks like and how some parts operate. Another trip was the radio trip where we got to produce short radio clips in a professional radio studio. By taking us to these places we see more of what the industry has to offer.

There are many aspects I enjoy and like about the college. Being at college I realised it’s nothing like school and that I have more freedom. For instance, we don’t have a uniform which means you can be yourself and express yourself. I personally like this as I hate uniforms and enjoy just having free choice. It is also a great social space because I can meet up with my friends and spend more time with them. Some of them live far away so it means we can keep in contact easier. One aspect that appreciate is that I can have a part time job and do college without either getting in the way. So, college has improved my social life and my work life.

The work set in class is always well thought out. The assignment briefs are planned to give us enough time to complete and work around other briefs. The tutors are also aware if you are retaking English and maths, and are willing to work with you to make sure you are not overwhelmed with work. There is also plenty of creative work such as filming and radio. This practical work is where we learn how to use equipment and how we work with other people. The overall work is challenging and not boring or too easy.

The tutors are also very helpful and are always looking out and checking if everything is ok. They work with you rather than against you which is another difference between school and college. There are also many great Progress Coaches who check up with you and make sure there are no issues. They do tutorial lessons where they teach different topics that set us up for the future. The main thing I appreciate it being treated like an adult and given responsibility for my own work. This is great as sometimes a prefer to do work at home where there’s no distractions. Although the classroom environment is not often distracting and the library is quite place to work.