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Business can seem like something of a long road to Finance and Economy can’t it?
Learning the simple roads of business ethics to be used in your daily, business routine?

Why not have a Fundraising Event, showing all them skills in one?

On the 28th February 2019, that’s exactly what my Business Level 3 class did.
Giving the rest of the College the chance to take part in an event, supporting selected charities.

The fundraiser is a planned event to help us students understand the efforts of building an event and setting it up to serve the common purpose. This being for Charity.

There are many to pick from out there, serving the greatest purpose, supporting those that you care about or those that you can relate to.

This is why when setting up any event like we have, keep it more personal, allowing yourselves to become something more when you can directly connect with the event on a physical and an emotional level.

We decided to choose three charities with two of them being down to personal enticement and one which the Business Level 3 class could wholesomely agree with:

• Cancer Research UK
• CHRISTIE’S NHS Foundation Trust

Why Cancer Research UK?
Curing an illness that has taken millions of lives, formed 17 years ago, the motto signifies why we have chosen this charity; “Together we will beat cancer”. We can all relate to an illness which has claimed many lives, we all want to work together and to support our funding towards this, we will always come one step closer to solving a long-lasting disease and bringing it to its indefinite end. Located all over the country, with hundreds of charity’s buildings located in the local area alone, you are only step away from supporting those who need your help.

Founded just over 40 years ago, we agreed as a class this was a very good cause. The focus of this charity is on the young minds and those affected or who are suffering from life-threatening, genetic skin conditions. Known as ‘Butterfly Children’ the condition leaves skin weak and fragile. Blisters are found commonly on the feet and begin to form on the face, creating tears and giving children conditions nobody should ever have to deal with.
From my research there are 40 charity instalments around the country and more on the way, but there is still known cures found for this condition. Help them find a cure with your support.

Why Christie’s?
Within Europe, Christie’s is known as the largest, single cancer sites focused directly on treating families and those affected from losing the ones they hold so dear. They offer some of the largest Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy departments in the world – with their annual turnover of £230 million that they put back into research. Dating back to the 1890’s when they only had 30 hospital beds to now becoming the central pioneer in cancer care, join their efforts and support them in saving those who should never be dealt such a tragedy.

Why Donate and why support us?
All Business Level 3 Year 2s, for many years take onto the Dome Floor of Buxton & Leek College to help raise a targeted amount, the year 2019 being £200, which was surpassed with a grand total of £261 raised. We hope that with your donations along with partaking in the planned event, that we can all come together to help our common purpose and support those suffering with combined efforts on Thursday 28th February 2019.

What will we be offering?
• Offering treats such as Cookies and Muffins and various treats for your taste buds we plan on giving you some delicious treats to consume.
• Raffle and Tombola prizes will be on offer all throughout the event, learn more by visiting the stall and communicating with the members of the class.
• Guess the Teddy to take home to the loved ones and guess how many sweets in the jar will be our Mini Games which will be throughout the day as well.

How can this be enticing to help those with their course?

It can be quite simple, in that you learn a lot more about the qualities within one another. Seeing both sides of retail and event management. We can all learn something different and learn most of all, how to serve a purpose that involves taking part and mixing in with the public and communicating a message of intent and support. All these techniques can be transitioned to later life and should be remembered as in common working life, dedication is something of a blessing and to do an event should be taken with open arms and to most of all, achieve the service of supporting the charities involved.

Most of all, it’s confidence and self-belief which can be gained, becoming engaged with something that can be connected with on both a physical and emotional side, the support this can give to the efforts of the course, can be most beneficial to the future success bestowed on anyone.