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Will I have to pay for my course?

Understanding whether you need to pay for your course or qualify for a discount depends on various factors such as your age, residency status—whether you’re from the UK, the European Union (EU), or an international student—and other eligibility criteria.

Investing in your education at our college is a significant step toward achieving your career goals, whether you are aiming to enter the workforce, begin an apprenticeship, or pursue further studies at a university. We offer a diverse array of courses designed to meet your aspirations and empower your future.

Course fees and any additional expenses vary based on several factors, including the specific course you choose, your age, and your personal circumstances. Let us guide you through the options available to help manage these costs effectively, ensuring you can focus on your studies and career ambitions without financial worry.

Your course fees will be confirmed on application. You will also need to pay your registration and exam fees.

Please note: that it is your responsibility for the payment of any outstanding fees (unless the reason for withdrawal is due to illness, redundancy or leaving the area during the first 3 weeks when half the fees will be payable).

Students completing a University Level course (Higher Education) are entitled to applying for a student loan for both full-time and part-time courses. Loans need to be paid back but not usually until you have graduated and are earning a good salary. Click here to find out about loans for full-time courses and loans for part-time courses.

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