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BLC thanks Leek employer for dedication to hiring apprentice during Covid-19 crisis

We would like to give special thanks to Leek United Building Society who have remained committed to hiring an apprentice despite the recent Covid-19 outbreak greatly impacting their business.

Leek United began the recruitment process before the lockdown measures were put in place and despite the disruption have gone above and beyond to ensure their apprentice started employment as planned.

Kelly Heath, Learning & Development Advisor at Leek United Building Society, said:

“Here at Leek United Building Society, along with many other businesses across the country, we have been impacted by Covid-19 and we’ve had to look at new ways of working that we have never done before. As building societies fall into the essential services category, we are trying to keep as many branches open as we are able to, whilst also considering the health and safety of our staff and our members. For our Customer Service Centre staff, we have worked hard to get home working in place over a 3 week period to ensure all staff, apart from those required in the business, can effectively work form home whilst still serving our members.

We made a commitment to our finance apprentice that they would start in the business at the end of March but with no staff being in the business on this date we had to look at what to do. The easy option would have been to delay the start date, but thinking about the impact on the individual, and their studies, and Leek United being a ‘great place to work’ we had to work quickly to find a way for our apprentice to still join us. Using remote technology, we found alternative ways of delivering our induction programme so that the individual felt welcomed into the business and they are currently working on remote learning to support their on the job training until we can resume day to day, face to face, activities.

The line manager is keeping in regular contact with the apprentice so that they will feel part of a team and fully integrated when we return to office working.”

Tom Malpass, Business Development Manager for Apprenticeships at BLC, said:

“It’s great to see Leek United Building Societies commitment to Apprenticeships through Buxton and Leek College continue to flourish, especially in these uncertain times. Businesses can really benefit from employing an apprentice as they bring a desire to learn and earn, developing their skills in the workplace alongside college studies. Now more than ever it is important to have this talent and desire in the workplace.”

Learn more about the resources and advice available for businesses and apprentices during the Covid-19 outbreak here.