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Buxton & Leek College holds Women’s Empowerment Brunch for International Women’s Day

BLC held two Women’s Empowerment Brunches at its Buxton and Leek campuses to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024. Students were treated to orange juice and a choice of pastries whilst inviting them to engage in discussions relating to women’s safety, empowering women, and this year’s themes of inclusion. 

Leah Adshead, FE Engagement Coordinator, says: “The union of students is passionate about our events and fundraisers such as international women’s day and LBGTQIA+ history month. These events are important for students to get involved in as they promote inclusivity and provide educational opportunities such as raising awareness of difficulties faced by minorities, which in turn promotes empathy and compassion within our students.  

“This then empowers individuals within our college community to feel heard and seen and respected which in turn, can inspire others to advocate for equality and equity! Overall, they help to create a sense of community in which all the students at BLC can thrive and succeed.” 

The events raised awareness for Women’s Work, who aim to improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged and vulnerable women and their families. Since 2003 the Derbyshire-based charity have helped thousands of women, and run multiple projects running throughout the year, providing sensitive and individually tailored support to women and their families. 

You can find out more about Women’s Work and how to get involved here.