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Ofqual publish guidance on GCSE and A Level grades

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) have today published guidance for Schools, College, Parents and Students on the approach to be taken in determining GCSE and A Level grades following the decision by the Secretary of State to cancel all examinations for these qualifications. The guidance can be found on the Ofqual website here:

This will mean that grades for the summer series of examinations will be determined by teaching staff, using all work and evidence of learning available prior to the closure of the College. Any work completed online, since this will still be reviewed but where this suggests a material reduction or improvement in potential grade, the prior evidence will take precedence. The grades submitted by the College will then undergo national standardisation by the examination board, before the final grades are released to students. The College is not, under any circumstances, allowed to share the grades we submit with students, parents/carers or any other individuals outside, before final results have been published.

This doesn’t mean that continuing to engage in the online lessons and home-based work is wasted effort. The work completed, both in class before the closure and since, working remotely, is really about the learning itself. Any examination or other assessment is there simply to confirm that learning has taken place. Continuing to work with teaching staff remotely will ensure that the full breadth of knowledge is covered despite the enforced early closure of the College campuses.

Included in the approach for this year is the prospect of an appeal against the allocated grade, should you believe that the assigned grade does not reflect your anticipated performance or ability. You will have the opportunity, if required, to sit the formal examination during the early part of next academic year, once the current restrictions are lifted and the College campuses reopen. In these circumstances particularly, continuing with remote learning will be extremely valuable.

So far there has been no clear guidance relating to other qualifications, including those of a technical or vocational nature. As soon as this is available, we will provide detailed information both through the College website and to those students affected directly. In the meantime, I would encourage all of our students to maintain their engagement with all remote learning and to participate fully in our College online community.

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