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Trials biker Harry gears up to be the best in the world

Eighteen-year-old Buxton & Leek College student Harry Turner is gearing up to become the best in the world when it comes to one of motorcycling’s toughest sports. 

Harry has already won three Youth British Championship titles as a trials bike rider and is now looking for sponsors to back him at the Trial 2 World Championships. 

“Trial biking is an extreme sport where the riders ride on a course filled with obstacles like rocks, logs and hills without picking up penalty points for setting a foot on the ground,” said Harry, who is studying for a Diploma in Sports and Physical Activity at BLC, part of the University of Derby.  At the end of the race, the rider with the lowest penalty score is the winner.  

In 2024 Harry will compete in the Trial 2 World Championship, which includes rounds in Japan, Andorra, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Spain, as well as taking part in the British Trials Championship at venues around the UK. 

“My aim this year is to achieve podium finishes in the Trial GB Class in the British Championship, finish in the top 10 overall in the Trial 2 World Championship 2024 and secure top 5 and top 3 finishes throughout the year,” said Harry, who rides for a French factory team called Sherco. 

Now ranked as sixth overall in Britain, Harry finished third in the 2021 125cc World Championship (Age 14-22) at the age of 15, also taking the win on one day at the Italian round.  

Despite the excitement of living on the road, travelling the world, and pursuing his dream career, Harry is still a full-time student at Buxton & Leek College, and when asked about how he manages to balance his sport commitments with his study, he said:   

“I know that my education is very important to my future. I have recently bought a laptop that I can take with me when I’m away to complete my assignments. It is hard when competitions are back-to-back for a few weeks, or we are in areas without phone or internet reception, but so far, I’ve managed to complete my assignments on time. I really enjoy my course and have found some of the topics we’ve covered have helped me in my riding, such as Health & Lifestyle and Sports Psychology.” 

It’s clear to see that alongside his determination to succeed and commitment to his profession Harry has a great support network both at home, and here at Buxton & Leek College, to help him in navigating this exhilarating part of his life. Whilst Harry enjoys the excitement of the lifestyle is career provides, he told us that he appreciates the normality college brings to his life too. 

But he needs help to reach his dream title: “Riding trials is my passion and each year I am progressing in my target to become the best rider in the world. 

“It’s a tough sport to stay in and takes a lot of time, dedication and money; without my sponsors I wouldn’t be able to focus on developing my skills and achievements.” 

Would you be interested in becoming Harry’s sponsor?

Harry already has 5,000 internet followers, and to find out more, go to: