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Student Life

We want you to get the best from your studies so you’ll be prepared for employment or higher education. We are a caring and supportive college where you’ll be treated as an individual, enabling you to achieve more than you’ve ever imagined.

This college handbook offers all the useful information to help you through your time at college.  Information is easily accessed on term dates, travel, sickness and absence, personal and academic support available, how to use your library, sharing your views and much more!

We often share our campus with members of the public.  This may be to use the restaurant, hair, beauty and spa facilities for example.  You can identify staff and students by their lanyards, staff wear blue lanyards, FE students yellow or red, HE students wear green. Formal visitors wear orange lanyards and governors wear black. If you have a concerns about a member of public please let reception, security or your tutor know.

Useful contacts:

Buxton and Leek College  t: 0800 074 0099

Snowline t: 01332 597669

Study Coach and Student Mentor t:  01332 592621 Buxton  T:01538 322020   support@blc.ac.uk

Disability or Learning Difficulty Support  t: 01332 594513   E: topup@derby.ac.uk

Your wellbeing and safeguarding t: 01332 594414/ 01298 330414 E: swsbuxton@derby.ac.uk

Library and Career Development Centre  t: 01332 594620 Buxton  T: 01538 322020 Leek      e: devonshirelibrary@derby.ac.uk

Student Union Help & Advice t: 01332 594553 Email: SUadvice@udsu.co.uk


Student Support

E: support@blc.ac.uk
T: 0800 074 0099