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Dramatic mock car crash in Buxton highlights consequences of dangerous driving

Buxton & Leek College students staged a mock car crash along with firefighters, police and first aiders – highlighting dangerous driving.

A joint project with local emergency services and BLC staff and students, saw Devonshire Road closed and cordoned off to the public, with a very realistic fatal car crash and ensuing emergency response.

The College’s Uniform & Protective Services’ students played the roles of witnesses and the injured, accompanied by a live commentary from the Fire Service.

Two of the college’s young actors played dead while others had life-threatening injuries, realistically portrayed with the help of stage make-up.

As the accident scene evolved police vehicles, fire engines and ambulances arrived as they would at a real-life scene.

The event is part of a hard-hitting road safety campaign to ‘bring home’ the dangers of dangerous driving to young people, and ultimately reduce the number of road casualties and deaths in the region.

The demonstration followed an earlier film screening at the Devonshire Dome which screened shocking real-life footage of teenagers using mobile phones which went on to cause near fatal smashes.

Stuart Harrowing, Curriculum Leader for Childcare, Education, Sport, and Protective Services thanked Buxton Fire & Rescue, Derbyshire Constabulary, and East Midlands Ambulance Service for the dramatic demonstration and congratulated those involved for a well organised event.