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#numberconfidenceweek with Multiply

Check out this blog post by Buxton & Leek College’s Multiply lead and expert Lyndsey Mollison!

“Maths is everywhere… and Multiply is for everyone”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how maths is really about confidence.

It’s Number Confidence Week and the BLC Multiply Team have been engaging with learners, promoting maths and problem solving, creatively through our  Multiply support programmes. Those first step courses of everyday maths that can make an incredible difference to a learner’s life.

Maths anxiety… so many people struggle with this; an innate wonky belief that they can’t do maths, when they are ‘doing’ maths every day because maths is everywhere.  From cooking and DIY to daily skills for education and career progression. Sometimes a fear of maths comes from our parents or bad experiences at school, over time this fear develops into a genuine maths anxiety and can really hold people back!

When people step out of their comfort zone and take part in a Multiply course, that isn’t about algebra, trigonometry or teaching to the test. The pressures of sitting an exam don’t exist and learning everyday maths skills becomes more enjoyable and welcoming.

These newly found maths skills empower individuals and improve people’s confidence, making a positive difference to their day to day lives and well-being.  Learners always come to me and say “Multiply is really helpful, it’s about joining a course, getting involved, it’s really improved my confidence with numbers.”

One of our learners at Buxton and Leek College, Kirsty began her maths journey on a Multiply bitesize introductory maths course, which further progressed onto the achievement of a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification.  Kirsty’s maths success helped her to become enrolled onto a Teaching Apprenticeship programme.  Within 18 months Kirsty will be a fully qualified Teacher and earning a higher salary than before.   All from the power of just taking that first step, knowing you’re learning in a comfortable place where there’s no judgement and where we take everything at your pace. No pressure.

So, if you’re thinking about trying a Multiply course #getinvolved.  Multiply courses are FREE and there’s so many different types of courses across Staffordshire both in person and online, you’re certain to find a course which suits you.

If you’d like to stretch your maths skills, there’s a quick 10 min quiz that you can try – it’s well worth it.

Maths is everywhere and Multiply is for everyone. 

There’s never been a better time to get involved, than now! Find out more about BLC’s Multiply programmes here.