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Are you interested in working in business, finance or marketing? Then Buxton & Leek College is the ideal place to find your pathway to a rewarding and successful career.

With our IT Suites, UoD Business Centre and Institute of Technology, alongside our links to local businesses and charities, our programmes will give you the confidence and skills to thrive in your dream career within the business industry. Regular visits from industry guest speakers such as self-made millionaires and CEOs of international companies mean you’ll never stop being inspired.

From running your own business to working in national or global organisation management and the stock exchange, you won’t believe how far a course at BLC can take you.

Many of our former students have progressed into higher education, apprenticeships, have gained employment with local or national companies or have created their own business start-ups in various areas, ranging from ecommerce to financial management.

You will learn from highly skilled and innovative tutors who are passionate about their subjects and have up-to-date knowledge of industry best practice on a national and global scale!

Whether you are deciding on your next steps after school, already working in the business industry or you would like a career change, we offer a variety of programmes to suit your needs and help you into your dream career.

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